Alessandro Lussana

PhD Student @ European Bioinformatics Institute

A survival machine with an interest in life and data sciences.

Personal webpage

The beginning

Having recently started my PhD, I decided that keeping a personal blog to then look back at after many months or years was a nice thing to do. Time could prove me wrong - and this could happen embarassingly soon - but the curiosity to find out is greater than the risk of losing some evenings sitting in front of my computer in a quiet house in central Cambridge.

Hopefully, this website will be an opportunity for me to take brief moments to unwind, to think, to write. Most likely useful activities in the long run, common sense would suggest. If my future self will find this somewhat beneficial, he is welcome to keep up the good work.

What kind of content will be posted here, and who such content is addressed to? While the answer to the second question seems quite obvious - me, primarily - answering the first one requires some effort, and I interpret this fact as a symptom of my habit to enthusiastically start a new project before having figured out all the steps or simulated a reasonable scenario of possible outcomes.

Nevertheless, I cannot find strong arguments against playing around with this a bit. I believe one might develop a tendency to think more wisely, and more long-term, by keeping track of relevent thoughts or projects in this kind of web format.

Or not really. But I’m taking this first step.


I would argue that iteratively trying new things can be considered an evolutionarily stable strategy. So, if I will forget this post by next week and my attention will be devoted to completely different matters, I am confident it will be for the better.

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